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38 Weeks Pregnant / Taking Maternity Leave
Hello everyone! It’s Jen! I know I’ve been off the grid these days. That’s because I’ve been so busy with work and preparing for the new baby to come! We are all excited to see our little angel! Many of you guys don’t know but I am due October 3rd. Can you believe it? Two more weeks! I took my maternity leave at work (which I am super bummed out about) so I can spend these last weeks enjoying the time with my husband and son and preparing for the baby. But don’t worry! I will have more time to update you guys about our little adventure!

So here is the update! My OBGYN said our little boy is growing well! He might be 9 pounds when he comes out and over 20 inches tall! That is pretty big compared to when Damian was born. He was a healthy 7.14 pounds and 19.7 inches tall. And I thought he was big! I am only 5’2 so I am a bit concerned that he might be too big for me to push out… the Dr. said we will have to wait and see if I would need a C-section or not. I am crossing my fingers to have a natural birth. But when it comes to the baby’s safety and health, I will do whatever it takes.

I haven’t had certain cravings so far throughout this pregnancy… I did have some but they went away after 30 minutes and sometimes I wouldn’t know what to eat. Now, I have heard that every pregnancy is different, and I truly believe that. With Damian, I had it easy. I had no pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and back aches and swelling on my legs and feet. This one is the complete opposite. I got really sick the first trimester so I ended up losing 10 pounds. But women have said that after the first trimester it gets better, which it did. I have been having constant back pains and leg cramps this pregnancy. No matter what I do, they don’t go away. I have trouble sleeping and even just relaxing. But soon it will be over and hopefully the baby will let me sleep at night.

I have felt my baby “drop”. It is so much easier for me to breath and I feel like I can start eating again. Before the baby dropped, I would only be able to eat small portions and I would start wheezing and gasping for air at times. But now that labor is getting near, I am actually a lot more comfortable these days. Other than the Braxton Hicks contractions (which don’t really hurt for me, just back aches and cramping) I have not felt this comfortable in months! Now all we have to do is wait. Two more weeks (hopefully) and our little angel will be here! We are all excited and anxious!

I will keep you guys updated throughout the weeks!

Written by Jenny

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