We all remember how scary our first hair cut was. Some of us cried and some of us went into shock and sat still while we were having this “procedure” done. Taking your kids to a salon for their first hair cut can always bring back memories as well as trauma… I highly recommend to try cutting your little ones hair at home first to see how they will react. Sometimes it helps when you the parent, are cutting their hair instead of some strange person holding a pair of sharp scissors or clippers in their hands.

Luckily for me, my son never cried while I cut his hair, but there are times where he would not sit still because he was uncomfortable and bored. But I found some solutions that actually made him sit still while getting his hair cut. Here are some tips you should try at home or even in a salon:

  1. Try turning on a show that they enjoy either on your  tv, tablet or phone so they can watch as they get distracted.
  2. Pretend to cut your own hair first so they know it does not hurt or let them watch you get a haircut and show them how brave you can be.
  3. Let them hold onto a toy or something they like to have in their hand (this can reassure them at times)
  4. Have a reward ready for them at the end to know that they did a good job (balloon, popsicle, lollipop)

Now if you are considering cutting their hair at home, especially at a young age, it helps to have someone next to you to help you hold your child’s head gently in place so they don’t get injured by the scissor or clippers as well as having a patchy hair cut. If it is your first time cutting hair, don’t worry! I have a tutorial coming up which will show you a few simple steps on how to cut your child’s hair. Good luck and we would love to see some pictures of your child’s experiences with their hair cuts!

Written by Jenny

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