Hey guys, so i recently ordered the Focus T25 Workout online! I was able to find one that someone was no longer using so I got a great price and recycled,..yay!! Anyway day one of the Focus T25 Workout was not brutal but it was not easy for me either. Even though I am on the smaller side, it does not mean I am in the best shape lol and there were some points where I really needed to alternate between the normal workout and the modifier workout.

Overall I was thankful that is was only 25 minutes! It really does go by fast, you get a great workout, and you definitely sweat it out! This is just day one so I am not sure how I will feel by friday but so far I am still excited about doing the next DVD today. On friday they actually double the workout and you are “required” to do two 25 minute workout back to back,…yeah we will see how that goes.

Along with the work out I am drinking shakes for breakfast and lunch. I am not going with the shakeology because 1. I prefer to make my own organic shakes and 2. I heard they made some formula changes and its not so tasty. I do not want things to be harder than they already are in the beginning so Im not going to force myself to drinking and “yucky” shake. (NOTE: I have never tried shakeology and I am not advising against it, this is just a personal pref, :) )

Anyway I am so excited for those of you also starting new “Fit for the holidays” workouts, def post questions and or comments below and let me know how you are doing, hopefully we can motivate each other. Ill try to get some pics and measurements up soon!! STAY TUNED!

Written by One Busy Mommy

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