New & Creative Craft Ideas For Easter

It’s almost time for the Easter Bunny to make his annual rounds, so now’s the best time to gather up the kids to create some brand new Easter crafts!  With Easter literally just around the corner, you probably don’t have a whole lot of time on your hands.  But this doesn’t mean you can’t think outside the box this season.  There’s definitely more to Easter crafting than egg dying, and luckily these creative craft projects are easy to plan and fun to make.

Carrot Themed Greetings Cards

We leave notes and tasty treats for Santa, so why not do the same for the Easter Bunny?  Hiding eggs around the world is a lot of work.  Rather than Christmas cards and cookies, create a thoughtful pit-stop treat complete with carrot shaped greeting cards and a tasty veggie platter!

Carrot greeting cards are adorable and easy to make.  Simply grab a piece of orange construction paper and fold it in half.  Using a pencil or crayon, draw a carrot shape on the folded end of the construction paper, just as you would if you were making a paper heart cut-out for Valentine’s Day.  Cut out of your paper carrot, but remember to leave enough of the folded crease intact so your greeting card opens and closes.

Of course the best part is decorating your carrot greeting cards!  Collect plenty of materials for the kids to decorate with, like fairy dust glitter, confetti, buttons, fabric scraps, sequins, crayons, and felt pieces.  Once finished, place your greeting cards inside a delicious basket of fresh carrots and veggies that any bunny would love.

Paint-Your-Own Easter Pottery

Along with the world-renown Easter Bunny himself, fresh flowers and gardens are also timeless symbols of Easter.  Easter Sunday is the perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy some sunshine.  And we’re not talking about just Easter egg hunts.  Planting flowers and gardening is another great way to enjoy this holiday with your kids.  Perhaps this could even inspire a new Easter morning tradition and family activity.

To add a splash of creativity to your kids’ Easter morning gardening, try painting one-of-a-kind flower pots and planters.  Kids love contributing to community gardens and creating their own personalized pottery.  But this time around, they can make special Easter-themed flower pots complete with stylized egg motifs, cute bunnies, Easter grass, rolling green hills, and much more.

There are so many flower pot sizes to choose from, but the smallest sizes are so darling and a good fit for the kids.  You can find plain terracotta flower pots at any local garden center, craft store, or hardware store.  Since you want your kids’ pottery creations to last for many Easters to come, don’t forget to pick up acrylic ceramic paints, glossy varnish, and water seal spray, as these are important for preventing water damage and peeling paint.

If you need some quick inspiration for pottery designs, you can always go online and find simple patterns for baby chick drawings, eggs, birds, ribbons, and more.

Gift Wrap Egg Chains

Paper egg chains are so fun to make, plus kids can create them in a number of ways.  These don’t require nearly as much complex paper cutting as paper dolls which is fantastic.  You could always use construction paper or easel roll paper, but one of the best methods is to use cute gift wrap.  Gift wrap comes in so many styles and textures, plus it’s really fun to let the kids pick out their favorites.  There’s also Easter-themed gift wrap with classic motifs, plus baby shower gift wrap works well too because of all those fabulous pastel colors.

This Easter is all about creating new crafts and traditions at home.  What are some of the new Easter crafts you’re planning this Sunday?


Written by One Busy Mommy

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