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So I am pretty excited that my daughter is going to be starting school in September! If you can not tell by the title we are homeschooling with¬†Connections Academy! My husband and I went back and forth on homeschooling but ultimately decided to give it a try for this year. Now technically we have been homeschooling for years with both of our children. They already have a little bit of a study schedule, but we were just using our own curriculum. Below I’ll address a couple of questions people emailed me about as well show the unboxing of the¬†Connections Academy materials:

SOCIALIZING – Now I know some people worry about socialization, for us its really not a problem since our daughter will have other activities such as gymnastics, martial arts, swim and school field trips going on. She will (and already has) continue to make friends and grow socially in those environments.

COST – For us it did not cost anything, I know that is some areas connections or K-12 actually cost money but for my area everything was free

SHIPPING THE ITEMS BACK – Some items do need to be returned, there is even a large note on the box that say “DO NOT THROW AWAY SAVE THIS BOX TO RETURN OUR STUFF!” , well it wasn’t that sassy of a message but it was bold enough. I do not yet know which materials have to be returned, it may have been noted on the packing slip but i did not notice.

CURRICULUM – I am not sure how the curriculum and teachers are yet because we have not started, but once we get into the year I’ll let you guys know how everything is going!

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  1. Anika August 4, 2014 at 1:24 PM Reply

    Hey shana and jen! this message is for shana though, i just found your youtube channel, i just started transitioning too and im excited to see how it turns out, will you be doing anymore video blogs for august? day in the life or daily schdules?

    you have such a cute family

    thanks anika

    • Shana August 5, 2014 at 9:24 AM Reply

      Hi anika, thanks for the compliment! I am going to try to do more videos and keep VEDA going. I work from home so its not always the most exciting things to watch lol but people are emailing me suggestions :)

      thanks for reading and watching!

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