Hello Lovelies!! Just checking in with a pregnancy update!. I know its been quite some time but up until now you have not really missed much :). I did recently fail my 1 hour glucose test which sent me to tears. I know it seems dramatic (lol) but i’ve been a little more emotional lately and that really set me off. Anyway I just took the 3 hour glucose test so I will keep you up to date on how that goes.

So far I have been having a really great time with the pregnancy, some aches and pains here and there, but also my “nesting energy burst” kicked in and I took full advantage of it.

I spent a lot of time doing baby laundry, pre-packing for the hospital, carpet shampooing and other deep cleaning. I know it seems a bit nuts but I was one restless momma and just had to scrub everything!! Any of you feel that way too??

Anyway I posted a new video and created some quick preggo stats below to let you know what has been going on! I’ll check back with you soon with the results of my 3 hour glucose test…wish me luck!!

  • Weight Gain

    To date I have gained +11lbs, originally I was worried since I had not gained any weight for 4.5 weeks, but the doc says everything should be fine. I need to focus on gaining 1lb per week.

  • Symptoms

    Back Ache, Major Heartburn, Slight Fatigue, Oily Skin, Butter Fingers, Braxton Hicks (several), Hair Growth

  • Baby Movements

    Locks of Kicks and Punches from this little baby, several times a day and for long stretches.

  • Baby's Gender

    It’s still a surprise, will reveal soon!

  • Appointments

    Recent appointments were the 1hr Glucose Test, the 3hr Glucose Test and a Trimester Checkup

  • Staying Active & Healthy

    To date I have been focused on lean meats, veggies and lots of fruits ( i mean lots ). I have been using juicing as a method to “eat” my veggies since I feel like I can not take in much food at each meal. I have also been taking my prenatal vitamins every other day or so (the iron in those bad boys can cause issues), and I try to hit the treadmill daily as well!

  • Doc Says

    Everything looks great so far, to date I have had no cervix checks, just the normal heartbeat and belly measurements. Doc says I should try to spend more time relaxing if possible and put on a little more weight :)

Written by One Busy Mommy


  1. diana May 2, 2015 at 1:21 AM Reply

    you look positively radiant! thanks for the update I have been wondering what has been going on. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I cried too….do check in and let me know how it goes I just found some great forums to get more info and support I’m sure everything will be fine and you will have a healthy beautiful baby best of luck

    • One Busy Mommy May 2, 2015 at 12:48 PM Reply

      oh wow!! thanks so much! yes i was sad about the GD but I will post for sure whether i pass or fail the 3 hour test. thanks for the support

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