Hello Lovelies!! Just checking in with another pregnancy update!. I have made it to 31 weeks and things are great! It’s so awesome to look back and see how far I have come. I feel so blessed to have this little one in my tummy and I am so thankful for a healthy pregnancy.So to catch you up on the GLUCOSE TEST,…I PASSED!!! Woo hoo I am so glad to have passed the 3 hour glucose test because I was just so nervous. I know my father has a history of diabetes, and i tend to have large babies so I was a little concerned, but everything worked out fine!!



I also wanted to do a separate post on my tummy regimen, I feel like I have found a great little routine to keep the stretch marks away! So far my belly is mark free (aside from the light marks from my previous pregnancy) and my skin feels great. Now keep in mind I still have 9 weeks to go and the baby is going to grow the most over the next 2 months but I plan on continuing the regimen afterwards to “remove” any stretch marks that may pop-up. To read more about my tummy care regimen click here!

  • Weight Gain

    To date I have gained +12.5lbs, again weight gain is really slow BUT the good new is the baby is measuring above average so my doc thinks I may be losing a little a the same time the baby is gaining. Most likely its due to my diet since this baby seems to be a health nut :p (no fast food or sweet cravings really)

  • Symptoms

    Back Ache, Major Heartburn, Slight Fatigue, Light Headaches, Forgetfulness, Braxton Hicks (several), Sleepless Nights, Shortness of Breath, Hair Growth (hard to tell but I know I’m shedding less)

  • Baby Movements

    Locks of Kicks and Punches from this little baby, several times a day and for long stretches. This little one is super active :)

  • Baby's Gender

    It’s still a surprise, will reveal soon!

  • Appointments

    Recent appointments were a trimester checkup, I have another appointment in 2 to 3 weeks and will begin to see my doctor weekly starting at week 34. Around that time I can expect to take the “Bacteria Swab Test”. Hoping for NO unnecessary cervix checks.

  • Staying Active & Healthy

    To date I have been focused on lean meats, veggies and lots of fruits ( i mean lots ). I have been using juicing as a method to “eat” my veggies since I feel like I can not take in much food at each meal. I have also been taking my prenatal vitamins every other day or so. I have reduced my treadmill time so as not to lose any weight but I want to build endurance to I can make it through my natural labor.

  • Doc Says

    Everything looks great so far, to date I have had no cervix checks, just the normal heartbeat and belly measurements. Doc says I should try to spend more time relaxing if possible and put on a little more weight :) , Also baby is above average (this is when measuring my uterus size)

Written by One Busy Mommy

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