So if you guys have been following us (jen and I) on Facebook you will know that I have added a new member to my family! I love my new pup, I chose adoption and everything has been wonderful!

Now since my entire family has really been focused on health I wanted to make sure our newest member was included in this as well, so began the search for a great dog food for my big guy. Now I know you probably have heard of “Blue” and “Wellness Core” (great options I am sure) But I wanted to try to find something that was not too pricey as well.

Now if your pup is used to eating the “other” type of dog food with fillers you may want to slowly transition them over to the healthy stuff. I was not sure what my guy was eating at the pound so I started him off with a 75/25 mix and worked him up to 100% (75 old food / 25 healthy stuff ) – { i know my terminology is so technical lol }

  1. DAY 1 – 75% / 25%
  2. DAY 2 – 75% / 25%
  3. DAY 3 – 50% / 50%
  4. DAY 4 – 50% / 50%
  5. DAY 5 – 25% / 75%
  6. DAY 5 – 100%

He seemed to take to it very well and has been eating if for a few weeks now, I noticed he stays full a bit longer but eat as much as he can get (I think it must taste better). Also his coat is very shiny! Overall I think this was a great choice for him, the price for Pure Balance Natural Dog Food runs about $1.00 to $1.33 per pound (in my area) which I think is a great price of healthy pup food, other brands like Blue or Wellness Core i think run $1.75 to $3.00 per pound depending on the size bag you purchase. I know even $1.00 /lb can seem high but just like when I purchase organic food for my family, ( sometimes I do not like the price tag ) I just say to myself that in long run what’s most important to me if keeping my family as healthy as I possibly can, and that includes my pup!

Written by One Busy Mommy

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